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Advantages of professional schools in France

Advantages of studying in France prestigious professional description:

University of Paris XI

Directly under the leadership of the French Ministry of Education, is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary key university (the University’s position in the French equivalent of China’s Tsinghua University.) BA to the Ph.D. from the University there are hundreds of professionals; in its nearly 30,000 students in 110 countries from around the world 2500 foreign students. The school has 118 world-renowned laboratories.

Advantage Major: science and engineering profession.

University of Paris V (René. Descartes University)

Latin Quarter Left Bank headquarters in the center of the Seine, is a strong, prestigious universities, there are many famous Nobel Prize winner Professor Emeritus of the University, is one of the oldest universities in Europe.

Advantage Major: Life Sciences, Computer and so on.

First Nations University of Clermont-Ferrand

Located in the Auvergne region in central France, capital Dome Hill, the provincial capital city of Clermont-Ferrand, France with a historic name of a comprehensive National University, nearly 200 years of history, more than 40 countries and the world public university to establish a collaborative relationship. At present there are about 12,000 students, of which 1,270 foreign students.


Advantage Major: physical measurement, financial accounting and nutrition.

Metz University

Formally established in 1970, has developed into a very comprehensive university disciplines involved, is a multidisciplinary university of all. The high school has 33 research laboratories, of which 6 the French National Scientific Research Laboratory of the Centre, an international reputation.

Advantage Major: mechanical engineering, computer and environmental engineering.

Guide to Student Life in France:

1, the contract rent knowledge of French life

When students rent in France, needs, and the owner signed a rent contract, including duration of lease, rent, fees, guarantee amount, manner and only lease extension period of notice, etc., the contract has been concluded that the force of law, enter into leases costs are usually borne by the students, after the establishment of the lease to do by the students keep the original credentials.

2, knowledge of French life guaranteed rental

Foreign students studying in France, when the rent needs to find the third person to be secured to ensure that once the students to avoid their responsibility to pay the rent, the guarantor will replace the pay to avoid the loss of the landlord, the third best guarantor served by the French nationals.

3, knowledge of French life, rent receipts

Housing receipts are charged the tenants pay the landlord after the rent receipt issued, students have the rent receipt in safe custody after, in France for many administrative procedures, students are required to issue a receipt as proof of rent.

4, common sense residential tax living in France

French government personnel living housing residential tax levy, who on January 1 of each year is rental housing owned or personnel are required to pay residential taxes, the taxes are local taxes, specific taxes and fees are determined by the local government, so the students place where different is not the same amount of taxes paid.

5, knowledge of French life, the notice period

France’s landlord and the tenants in the contract, he will write in the contract notice of the contents of the notice period is in the so-called rent to stop renting before the landlord in advance the amount of advance notice, in general, the notice period is 3 months and will be specified in the contract.

When students rent in France, if you do not comply with the notice provisions, even if it moved out of the house, and still take into rental housing, so students and landlords in the contract, we should try to bargain, to shorten it to a notice months.

6, knowledge of French life, gas, electricity and telephone subscription

The process of living in France, students can not do without gas, electricity and telephone, which requires students after signing the rental contract in order to register the name of the lessee and open services. Students signing the rental contract, you can by virtue of their contract and proof of identity to the neighborhood in which to complete the formalities related services company, requiring the opening of gas, electricity and telephone use.

France’s gas, electricity and telephone by the French gas company, power companies and telecommunications copper respectively, after the needs of students in the opening of service to pay a service fee every two months, the cost is divided into monthly and the actual amount, the current € 2 monthly rent is the monthly gas, electricity monthly rent is 4.2 euros, a € 10.49 monthly telephone charges.

Students living in France, in the need to keep paying more fees invoice, because in France for a number of administrative procedures, the need to provide their real address students, and these invoices is the address of proof.


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