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IELTS Writing words how to ensure accurate

IELTS writing, the students encountered difficulties in vocabulary, in addition to the strange words spoken before the issue is not expressed, another significant problem is the wording is not accurate. In teaching practice, I often find writing from the students a lot of words problems.
First offense: the wind is very popular part of speech mix
Students in vocabulary learning and memory, ignoring word part of speech is a very common phenomenon. Students only remember meaning, usage, and part of speech is not recorded, therefore, writing frequent phenomenon of indiscriminate use of parts of speech. A deeper reason is that English language has shaped the two obvious differences: English inflections and more changes in the Form of the changes caused by part of speech and meaning, while the Chinese is not inflected, if unskilled students to master English inflection of the law can not properly use the vocabulary source.
We look at these two sentences:
1. I am very happy.
2. Happiness is the pursuit of my life.
The former is an adjective, the latter is a noun, but from the Chinese point of view is the same shape, but the English are less different.
1. I am very happy.
2. Happiness is pursuit in my life.
Different parts of speech in English on the shape is different, and this is when the students remember the words to keep in mind that the meaning not only remember, not remember parts of speech, otherwise it may be “Happy is pursuit in my life.” Such a mistake .
Look at the following example:
Prolonged use of computers will affect the vision. (Verb)
Using computer for long time can affect eyesight.
Prolonged use of computers will have visual impact. (Noun)
Using computer for long time can make effect on eyesight.
  Second offense: Modified object does not match
This mistake is caused by our Chinese. Chinese words are usually very strong profile, a term that covers many aspects, such as “big” word, in our daily life is almost universal terms such as:
Grandpa – can refer to age;
Heavy rain – can be by degrees;
Big house – may be the area;
Large – may refer to quantity.
But the translation into English, then each of the “big” words are not corresponding to the same.
Grandpa – old men;
Rain – heavy rain;
Big house – big house;
Large – large amount.
Therefore, we find that English should be modified according to the different needs of the object corresponding to the different mix of students is also necessary to pay attention to aspects of writing. Remember the best word to see its English-English explanations, so that discrimination can be easy. Such as these three words: expand / extend / enlarge are “expanded” means, if you check the English-English explanation, namely:
expand = (to become larger in size, number, or amount, or to make sth. become larger);
extend = make (sth) longer or larger (in space or time);
enlarge = (cause sth to) become larger.
Modification gives the concrete object, so it is easy to distinguish between students. We can listen through the memory of what these three:
This photograph is too small, please enlarge it for me.
Please extend the deadline a few days.
The merchant wants to expand his business.
 Third offense: the meaning of words and Analysis under the meaning of the word
What is the meaning of word? Logical meaning is literally on top of the word. For example:
“I am a new Oriental teacher” means a higher level – the teacher (so) – educator – a man – the human – creature.
Hyponyms: logical meaning under the word.
New Oriental teachers – writing teacher – writing school teachers like to use the PPT.
Such as “see” the word usually translated in English as see, see is the word on the meaning of the word in English, very abstract, but “see” and “see” is different, we can look at the following Analysis of several plans.
This “look”, usually through the help of instruments and scientific purpose to go “look.” Usually use the word which is observed. Such as: The scientist will observe the movement of moon for two years.
Obviously this has contempt for the feelings of eye color, we will use despise or look down upon. Such as: I do not buy pirated DVD’s. I despise the people who sell it.
These bright and piercing eyes, staring at what is obviously necessary to use stare. Such as: It’s impolite to stare at a girl.
We will find that writing in the mood to analyze according to the specific use of which, the word which, in order to make the contents of the article is more vivid.
Similarly, sometimes the meaning of words can be of help in the writing of the role of replacement, such as IELTS exam has been the impact of computers on young people, resulting in candidates used a dozen times in the article “compute” to describe computer This will look and lack of lexical repetition. In fact, we can use the computer to replace it on the meaning of words, such as electric tools / invention to replace, or whose meaning of the word monitor, can avoid repeating the problem since. Read more…

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