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5 IELTS writing misunderstood chart

No.1 Analysis of the reasons behind the chart
This is the customary problems of Chinese students, the time of writing always like to write why. IELTS is the objectivity of small essay writing, only required to describe and summarize a chart, you can not write why, no explanation. Sword in the light curve 5 TEST 1, Japan 65 2030 population is expected to be steep, but we only asked to write the facts, does not require written reasons for steep!
No.2 I used the conjunction, also made the connection between sentences, the article did not complete the problem
The second point in the scoring criteria explicitly mentioned in the Coherence and Cohesion (coherence and cohesion), we can see the score is a very important point of reference. In addition, many Chinese students in the full essay then, after, before and other such tedious low-level conjunction, the final score will naturally not go. Reasonable use of some clauses, sentences associated word will make you look more refined and creative.

No.3 Trend is the increase described And decrease And level off
Students describe the trend in rising or falling, it is often used only one increase & decrease + adverb pattern. Description of the rise and fall does not know that we can take at least three ways the description of verb + adverb, adjective + noun, and the rise and fall of the word for an adjective to use. This also avoids the scoring just four Grammatical Range and Accuracy (grammar range and accuracy) in the trap.
No.4 How many number of properties sub-paragraph, the number of how many sub-paragraph map
On the information of the organizing and paragraphing is also a very important point of reference points. Sword four TEST3 is a craft, undergraduate, undergraduate, graduate, master, and the number of men and women, Dr. Distribution. Many students, when in the middle section will describe the degree of its accordance with the order into the Liuduan to write the contents of this makes you become complicated and bloated! Why not segmented by gender to it? Only two can sort out the contents of the chart clearly. Before you begin it is recommended that you first have in their mind to understand one of the most clear and intuitive segmentation.
No.5 Ending Summary of segment is dispensable, subjective point of view can be added
In the final end of the paragraph, the article suggested candidates for the sake of the integrity of the structure plate, played the role of tail echo, with 1-2 prominent feature of the chart reiterated phrase to sum up the charts, the phenomenon to reveal the laws and nature. Avoid adding subjective point of view! Chart does not reflect the information, absolutely do not write, do not free to not quote!

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