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Serious problems of rural areas

(Boğaziçi Üni. Öğr.’nin kaleminden – P.Pekel)

In most underdeveloped countries there is a huge gap between rural areas and urban centers which results in the underdevelopment of rural areas. The proper distribution of national resources is the major indicator of the level of development. When there is an imbalance in access to these resources underdevelopment mainly strikes/hits rural areas. Underdevelopment in rural areas mainly/namely (baþlýca) manifests itself as three major problems: poverty, lack of education and poor medical care.

Poverty is the overriding problem in rural areas. Unfortunately rural areas have lagged behind (gerisinde kalmak) national development. These impoverished areas are lacking in / short of / inadequate in / deprived of investments. As a result the living standards are far from being satisfactory. Most of the rural residents lead a primitive life can only afford their very basic needs. The major source of income derives from agriculture and livestock racing. According to statistical data, rural people have a very small part in access to natural wealth. There are no suitable/appropriate conditions by which they can prosper as the government does not proceed (precede or provide da olabilir) financial supports, funds & expertise. The methods they are using are old-fashioned and these primitive methods do not contribute to their welfare. As they are very poor they have to lead miserable lives.

As rural people are poverty-stricken, they have no access to education. Lack of education is the major threat to their survival. The rate of illiteracy is tremendously/extremely high, most rural women are deprived of educational opportunities. For example, in Anatolia there is one primitive school in which one teacher teaches all the grades. The government does not allocate enough funds to improve the educational standards in rural areas. The school buildings are almost collapsing and need to be required. The teachers are unwilling to go and serve in these impoverished areas. If teachers were offered more attractive opportunities, they would be more willing to go and contribute to the disadvantaged children there. The rural students are being discriminated because they cannot make use of the resources and opportunities that their counterparts have in big cities. Most schools are not equipped with desks, blackboards and libraries let alone computers and other visual aids. As people are very poor their priority is not education but survival.

As people are very poor and uneducated, poor medical care manifests itself as another problem inflicting rural inhabitants. In Turkey health services are inaccessible in most villages. There are not enough hospitals and doctors even in big cities. To make things worse in rural areas there is just a nurse who tries to help the inflicted rural people. We know that the rate of infant mortality is extremely high and many women die while delivering birth. It takes, for example, 2 hours at least to reach the nearest place which has a medical center. These people are not aware of the importance of their health. They do not have money to afford health care , as well. As unhealthy and uneducated people, the chances of prosperity (ayakta kalma) and well-being are very low.

If rural areas thrive with educational, occoputional, and medical facilities and opportunities, large scale migration to big cities can be prevented.

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