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Malaysia study abroad

According to Malaysian media reports, the Ministry of Education of China and Malaysia are negotiating mutual recognition of higher education degrees, is expected by the end of April to sign the “Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in education”, if both a degree in education in Malaysia after the signing of mutual recognition agreements will further promote the horse between the two study abroad. China and Malaysia attaches great importance to development of higher education, but also a fine tradition of respecting teachers, educational cooperation between the two countries close relationship, people look forward to. Malaysia as the Chinese economy and the rise of prompt access to the healthy development of higher education; universities throughout China with a better academic environment, teaching, research and facilities of the standard conditions of trained people with professional knowledge, good employment opportunities and career development, coupled with social stability, economic prosperity, cultural, colorful and hospitable people, so that China gradually become one of the hot national study. Experts say: start building in April of this year, China will work with Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore opened the high iron, full-length about 3900 kilometers, which will facilitate greater communication between the horse, after only from Kunming, China needs to Malaysia 10 hour. ”


At the same time, large Ma Guoli to provide 5% of the University degree courses to international students, even graduate students are also open-ended, so welcomed the graduates to Malaysia for further study.


Last year, 10,214 post-graduate Chinese students to Malaysia, of which 2168 were, studied at the National University, 8046 people in the private post-secondary studies. List of foreign students to Malaysia, Iran to 11,828 people living crown, finished second in China, Indonesia ranked third person Zeyi 9889.

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