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Three major advantages of studying in Singapore

Quality school is a good stepping-stone to work

Public Colleges and Universities, the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore famous education, research and academic centers, are first-class academic standards, the employment prospects of graduates and employment rates double high. However, relatively high demand on students. Strict exit of foreign schools teaching philosophy, many students do not graduate on time, not only affects the development of students, but also to students adverse psychological effects can be described as wasted. Therefore, experts advise students to choose institutions to be based on individual circumstances, is best suited to their own.

Private universities, Singapore also has many excellent private schools. Most of these schools have introduced Britain, the United States, Australia and the University of twinning programs, local study in Singapore; the University Liaison Office obtained an undergraduate or college diploma. The costs (including tuition fees and living expenses) in around 7,8 million Yuan. The cost of the economic security of 15 million. Non-public schools generally do not require admission of students in English scores, but if your English is not good, will be required to attend English training about six months, and then began a formal university. The advantage of non-public universities is also more flexible opening hours, usually begins in January each year 1,4,7,9, easy to apply for school students. These high quality graduates of private universities in Singapore, many of the local work or continue studies in third countries, so for students who intend to study in Singapore would be a good choice.

Employment rate of college graduates and salaries

Singapore government-certified private university, many popular professions in the local employment rate of about 80%, such as: hotel management, catering management, resort management, accounting, logistics management, business administration, management, professional gaming. Any foundation for students to apply.

National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore three institutions are public universities, more stringent entry requirements for students who have been excellent. Graduation trial period Basic salary 2,500 new currencies, Master the basic starting salary of 3000 graduates trial over the new currency, the trial period starting salary of 4000-5000 doctoral graduates over the new currency, you can immediately apply for a green card.

Different types of work visas

Singapore offers students a different job opportunities in various fields, studying professional courses in Singapore after graduation, compared with other countries, employment high, broad space for development. More than half a year working in Singapore can apply for a green card. Singapore has a very large Chinese-language tutorial market, many Chinese students choose to teach in Singapore each tutorial learning Chinese or the Internet to get some income or to improve their language skills.

The type of work visa in Singapore: WP, as a work permit on the lower, generally manual workers, less educated persons in the college setting. SP, is the face of college, college graduates, the Singapore Ministry of Manpower on license holders of such salary requirements of the new currency 1800. EP, generally to the professionals, the salary requirements of the new currency in 2500. Support SP / EP in the job 12 months after PR application submitted to the Immigration Department.

Singapore to study the emerging popular professional summary:

“State election than choose a school, schools are not as good as picking a major.” This is a stylish statement in recent years to study the market. Professional employment decision, aimed at the huge emerging professional “money” force, further study will be able to realize the value of the sublimation of life, not just to a “foreign gold-plated” diploma.

As the market continues to expand abroad, students in schools and professional eclectic selection began. At present, such as Singapore, many emerging countries continue to study popular innovation in the professional design, both positive and the job market combined with the new changes in the employment market, the new trend to promote professional design.

As the United States, Britain has established a solid scientific research strength of universities and to attract the world’s elite, as many countries began to study the emerging popularity of professional design innovation in order to counter the traditional advantages of the details of the overall strength of the national popular abroad.

Currently, Singapore is to develop electronic, chemical and biological sciences, alternative energy, nanotechnology and other new digital media industry cluster. The electronic / engineering industry cluster accounted for almost one-third of global output drive; the information media industry cluster has attracted over 100 high-tech companies in the top 70; in biological medicine, the Singapore government is announced in the next 5 years reinvested within the life sciences 8.0 billion, the United States, “Boston Globe,” pointed out that Singapore has become the world’s fastest growing biotechnology, one of five regions may be comparable to California.

Experts believe that, logistics management, hotel service management, biomedicine, and creative media design, navigation and other students is expected to become the new hot spot in Singapore. First, the professional job market in Singapore’s domestic demand potential is great. As Singapore is committed to the emerging industrial transformation in the 21st century will create new industries every year 20,000 to 25,000 jobs, while the rate of personnel training is far behind. Therefore, the Singapore government requested access to government school students to sign a contract to stay after graduation to work in Singapore for three years.

Second, for those who wish to return home after your studies the effectiveness of the students, the new professional career opportunities will no doubt bring themselves to avoid becoming a “sea to be.” The vast potential of the logistics industry, with China’s rapid economic development, international trade continues to expand, China’s logistics industry growth rate every year in more than 20% over the logistics park and logistics enterprises have sprung up. However, China’s professional logistics personnel are incredibly scarce, less than 10 million people throughout Shanghai, the country’s talent gap up to 600 million. The rapid development of the animation industry is nearly a billion of the market deposits, professional talent gap up to 10 million or more. It is reported that the two new professional, can be found in Singapore, excellent universities.



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