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Essay on water pollution

The body of 50% to 60% of the weight is water, water in children up to 80%. No water, no life. Earth’s fresh water resources only 3% of Earth’s total water resources, which is 3% fresh water, can be directly consumed only 0.5%. So, water is a valuable human resource, is the fountain of life.

However, water pollution in the world is quite common and serious. When harmful substances out of the water self-purification capacity of water bodies, which will produce pollution. These harmful substances include pesticides, heavy metals and their compounds and other toxic substances, a variety of waste materials and radioactive substances.

The major source of water pollution source is the raw industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater.

First, a large number of pollutants discharged into rivers, causing pollution of inland waters. The early 1980s, China’s 53,000 kilometers of the river to investigate water pollution cannot be irrigated, about 23.3%, water quality standards for drinking water only 14%. Pollution of lakes and bays also very serious. Even the ground water could not escape this cut.

Great harm to water pollution on human health. Pathogenic microorganisms in wastewater, the virus can cause the spread of infectious diseases. Water of some of the giant toxic to humans and animals can die in minutes. The most dangerous is cadmium, lead, metals, into the human body cause chronic poisoning, once discovered, cannot stop.

According to the World Health Organization survey, 70 percent of the world’s health and safety of drinking water to drink less. Now, every year 15 million children under age 5 die, mostly the cause of death related with drinking water. According to UN statistics, 25 million people in the world every day as drinking water, illness or death due to lack of water.

Water pollution crisis, not only humans, but also brought great losses to the fishery. Serious the fish died, and interfere with fish breeding, fish production and quality declined significantly. Sewage pollution of farmland and crops also make agricultural production. Water pollution is also causing other environmental decline, affecting people’s sightseeing, entertainment and recreation.

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