Pros and Cons of Bilingual Education

In today’s world, language has become an indispensable element of international relationships, scientific developments and business activities. Therefore, some public schools have begun to implement bilingual education system, in which a student is caught lessons in a certain language rather than in his native language. However, this issue has caused great deal of controversy about whether it is proper to teach in a foreign language or not. This system fosters international communication and provides better job opportunities, whereas it hinders in-class participation and costs huge sums of money because of imported books written in this language.

To begin with, the bilingual system’s advantages, international communication and better job opportunities can be regarded as the good aspects of this system. By teaching students in a foreign language, these students will play important roles in international areas when they become politicians or ambassadors in the future. In addition to this, considering the fact that companies prefer those people who can speak a foreign language, it can be helpful for a student to learn a foreign language efficiently. Consequently, bilingual system fosters international relationships and provides better employment opportunities.

On the other hand, there are some certain disadvantages of bilingual system on students. T usually creates an obstacle for students to participate in class activities because of the fact that students generally find quite challenging to speak in a foreign language while expressing themselves. Apart from this, books written in a foreign language can cost considerable amounts of money for an average student to afford. Therefore, bilingual system can create financial problems when is though this fact.

It can be concluded that even though bilingual system poses some problems, it gives rise to the development of international relations between countries and provides better job activities. In my opinion, the implementation of bilingual system in schools should be encouraged, bearing in mind the good outcomes of this system.