Protecting of environment

How can we protect the environment

In the twentieth century, developments, which made life easy, took place along with industrial revolutions. However, these progresses gave rise to the depletion of our resources irreversibly causing an enormous menace to the world. Research has been carried out in an effort to find some effective solutions for preventing our environment from being polluted further. Furthermore, the environment can also be protected by promoting education and encouraging the use of public transportation.

To begin with the significance of education with regard to the protection of environment, it can easily be said that educating people about how to save the environment is an effective way to eradicate the problem. By doing so, awareness can be prompted among people about the ominous state into which our environment is gradually drifting. By arranging public seminars concerning the issue of the environment, for example, people can be warned about this dangerous situation. The point to be emphasized is that people should know that unless they take measures with great urgency, they will inevitably be faced with a great deal of problems.

When it comes to the importance of public transportation, it must be asserted, in this respect, that making people use public transport systems more often, the problem of air pollution can be overcome. The consequence of this is that harmful gases such as carbon monoxide emitted from cars will considerably decrease in the air. Therefore, people will breathe cleaner air, and together with this, diseases stemming from respiratory problems will become rare. In addition, considering the face that with every passing day more and more automobiles are crowding into the roads, attempts must be made in order to encourage people to use public transport systems.

It can be concluded that if people are educated about the perilous situation of the environment and encouraged to use public transportation, there will be a tremendous change in the situation of the environment. In my opinion, by not trivializing these solutions, we can pave the way for leaving a more secure environment to our next generation.

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