Studying Spanish professional

The reason why many students studying in Spain to study abroad because of the professional school in the country is not their favorite professional, or would like to challenge other professionals, allow themselves to be versatile talents, the future increase in employment for their chips. Then go to Spain to study in the end cannot change your major? In fact, the main study in Spain is divided into several situations:

Graduated from high school to go to Spain to study, can be arbitrarily chosen profession, then this point I will not say more, I mainly want to say about college and graduate students.

Time students as a university (college or undergraduate), to give up now if you want to choose a professional reading of their favorite professional, then only the identity of high school graduates is to re-apply to the Spanish course in Spain, so can re-select the professional . If you also want to undergraduate or college, you can only read the same or similar professional.

As a university graduate (specialist or undergraduate), if you want to re-select a professional graduate school, then the university level can apply for master’s degree in Spanish. Master of professional field grade does not limit the choice, as long as the applicant believes he can learn the other graduate students can apply. But if you want to apply the words of the official master, you can not change your major, can only be selected and the same or similar professional degree graduate.