The basic essay structure

The basic essay structure

The often-mentioned basic essay structure is:

Essay structure , essay kalıpları

Introduction Body Conclusion Thesis Topic

Each section, the introduction, body and conclusion, has a specific purpose, which means the reader will be looking for expected features.

A traditional essay does not include headings. As such it will appear as a series of paragraphs, with each paragraph having a place and purpose which the writer needs to make clear in topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph.

However, lecturers are becoming more flexible in their expectations and in some cases are allowing students to use headings in their essays. This has sometimes been referred to as a ‘report style essay’. Always confirm with your lecturer if headings are allowed if you are not sure.

Many students find using headings helps them structure their essay. This is true for many DE students as headings are commonly used in workplace writing. If this is true for you but headings are not allowed, use headings in your draft then convert them to topic sentences, before you submit your essay.