The effects of drug addiction

There are many types of addictions which affect people and their ways of life profoundly. Drug addiction is a type of addiction that affects people both physically and mentally. In today’s world, it is increasingly becoming quite easy to access drugs, with the development in transport of these drugs. No matter why an addicted person has started to take drugs, drug addicts are affected by use of drugs in terms of money, academic life and health.

To begin with, money problems; it can undeniably be said that once a person becomes addicted to drugs, then he or she will be faced with money problems. Because of the fact that drug are not cheap to afford for an average person, drug addicts have to find large sums of money in order to buy drugs. Otherwise, they usually cannot resist the stimulation, and consequently, they will have to find this money from undesirable ways such as theft.


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When it comes to academic life, like problems related to money, the academic life of an addicted person is affected badly. As far as the fact that drug addiction has a great influence on a person’s mental abilities is concerned, it is inevitable to encounter with difficulties or hardships concerning academic life. A person who is addicted to drugs thinks unconsciously and constantly how to find these drugs. Therefore, this person cannot concentrate on what he or she is doing and consequently, it cannot be expected that this person will succeed in his academic life.

As far as, which is considerably affected by taking drugs, it can easily be asserted that the health of this person begins to worsen from the time when he or she first took drugs. Unless this person gives up the nasty habit, with every passing day his health will continue to become poorer. In addition, recent surveys have indicated that drug addicts are more likely to die from heart attacks and cancers than those who do not take drugs.

In conclusion, drug addicts face many problems concerning health, money, and academic life after beginning to take drugs. However, in my opinion, it is the best not to begin taking drugs rather than trying to give them up.