Irish students will know the financial knowledge of banking articles

Bank of Ireland in the late nineteenth early twentieth century rebuilding his business processes and services, and this change is a major factor in information technology, this change to the Bank of Ireland as a leading financial institution.

Bank of Ireland’s retail business is the bank’s core; there are over seven thousand employees throughout Ireland and the UK financial services customers, including all of the banking, foreign exchange and credit card services, the current growth within a certain range of mortgage and compensation insurance services.

Bank of Ireland’s business is to provide through 350 branches, and how to achieve this business? Irish Bank’s information technology strategy to solve the problem, it is based on Sybase client / server connectivity solutions, at the same time as the client with PowerBuilder development tools, each branch has its own database and IT systems.

Bank of Ireland’s core data information to remain in the host, in order to provide good with sex, Bank of Ireland chose Sybase enterprise connectivity products, and in order to adapt to new business process needs to quickly develop new applications, after several banks assessment tools, and finally chose the Sybase in PowerBuilder.

PowerBuilder Bank of Ireland selected the data window and the ability to sybase database gateway between good way, PowerBuilder’s market leadership and a fresh application interface and environment for enterprise development levy is different from his competitors. PowerBuilder can rapidly prototype design screen is in the client’s development tools.

Bank of Ireland’s client / server applications within the applications already in the accounts, the accounts of the past is the branch of the main lenders, and now accounts allow employees to branch offices observe a graphical format accounts for the situation over the past year.

Under the new Bank of Ireland, one of the main development environment is a loan assessment, the system must ensure that the lender can observe the distribution of loans over two years to assess the list and the risk of a rough situation.

Bank of Ireland in the new environment than ever before coding and testing phase has great growth, and the idea of changing the past can not be achieved, for example, a former branch called the card processing center credit card center is now released survey information directly to the branch The development of the entire application took only six weeks time.

Bank of Ireland is their adaptability to new environment, one of the objectives pursued, shorten the time Bank of Ireland is satisfied with the release of the application of auxiliary information can now integrated into the actual network, in the new environment when transplanted to the distributed data, Ireland Bank of the reconstruction process is technically the overall adaptation to the bank selection.