The general outlines of an essay (Boğaziçi ders notları)

)      INTRODUCTION:  You start with some general/relevant statements to the topic and the last sentence of your introduction is the thesis sentence. (the topic sentence of the whole essay)

ð  Rural areas have three serious problems : poverty , lack of education & poor medical care

(Controlling ideas:  the number of the controlling ideas determines the number of body paragraphs + organization of your essay.)

2)      BODY:

  1. (1st Controlling idea) Poverty is overriding problem in rural areas à(supporting sentences)
    (supportevidence + examples)
  2. (2nd Controlling idea) As rural people are poverty-stricken they have no access to education. Lack of education is the major threat to their survival.
    (supportevidence + examples)
  3. (3rd Controlling idea) Poor medical care is the natural outcome of poverty and lack of education manifests itself as another problem inflicting rural inhabitants along with poverty and lack of education.
    (supportevidence + examples)

3)      CONCLUSION:  A recap/summary at the points (which are) discussed in the body + (a) suggestion(s) than you come up with.

ð  All in all, rural areas seem to be inflicted with/by poverty, inadequate educational resources and poor medical service. This regional discrimination contributes to the ongoing underdevelopment of rural areas. If grants should be allocated and investments could be made, rural areas would be prospering.

Grant = financial support
To overwhelm with/by = bunaltmak
To be inflicted with or by / suffer from = acı vermek

Örn: There are 3 major problems that overwhelm rural areas
“      “    “     “             “            overwhelming rural areas