The highest employment rate in France to study the two professional

The highest employment rate in France to study the two professional


1)  Fashion design categories: Art should be a strong foundation


Speaking to France to study, many students think of learning fashion design major. Chinese students want to enter the French fashion design class institutions of higher learning, must have strong arts base, and French demanding. When students in the interview to the interview side to show their work, which requires students to study in France, requires good language skills. Some students think that art a firmer foundation, the language almost does not matter; this is actually a big mistake.


2) The hotel food and beverage categories: in the world are “hot”


France in tourism, hotels, restaurants culture has accumulated a wealth of educational experience, access to world-recognized reputation, such professional study in France, almost a sign of the profession. According to the different study time, students can receive various types of the corresponding diploma. Zhou Ying said that with world economic development, tourism management, hotel management on a global scale are very “hot” profession, more and more international cooperation, international conferences will provide students with more of such professional opportunities.


France has nearly 900 train travel, hotels, restaurants, professional schools, 190,000 enterprises engaged in the field, providing a million jobs, and an equal number of indirect jobs, we can see, these professionals must be students studying in France of choice.