The negative effects of media on children and teenagers

For decades, media, more especially visual media has become an intrinsic part of our lives. However, media is becoming widespread has brought about many important problems in spite of the fact that media has simplified the access to the news in the world. Inasmuch as children and teenagers are more likely to be affected by the changes in the outer world, they are also more likely to be influenced by media. The increase in the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol, increased fast food consumption, and acts of violence among teenagers and children are some of the negative effects of media.

To begin with smoking and alcohol consumption, it can undeniably be said that both children and teenagers can easily be influenced by some television programs and commercials. The glamorization of consuming alcohol and cigarettes can give rise to smoking and alcohol consumption becoming widespread among young people because children and teenagers might suppose that smoking and consuming alcohol are compulsory in order to seem more adult-like.

When it comes to increased fast food consumption, like smoking and alcohol consumption, a great number of commercials concerning with selling fast food products usually tend to glamourize fast food products by making them more appealing. Consequently, children and teenagers would like to taste them; however, it is a fact that, fast food generally makes people addicted is concerned, it becomes impossible to meet the requirements of balanced diet. In addition, with the increase in the consumption of fast food products, one’s health continues to worsen, and consequently, it becomes inevitable to lead an unhealthy life.

As for violence, it can be asserted that conveying violence to people by means of media generally causes teenagers and children to exhibit an aggressive manner to other people. Movies including a great deal of violence have great influence on the behaviors of teenagers and children. In this regard, it should not be forgotten that every act of violence in movies can cause young people to imitate them in the real world and this may result in society’s becoming corrupt.

In conclusion, media can be regarded as the main influence on teenagers’ and children’s behaviors. Smoking and alcohol consumption, increased fast food consumption, and violence are some of these influences. In my opinion, media must make some adjustments in order to reduce the bad effects of caused by it.