Three reading rules in English

Read the exam has been a myth, look at the article or look at the title? Participated in the CET students think that we should look at the articles look at the title, because the four, six read the examination questions many of which are starting from a level of understanding. But some students will think that we should proceed from the title, because the topics are directional and can be found in the relatively short period of time effective information in the article, and then targeted to find the answer. Then the IELTS reading test should be how to proceed? Look at the article or look at the title?

To answer this question, or from the IELTS reading test starting characteristics. IELTS Reading articles 800-1000 words in length, subject matter involving many professional disciplines, including social sciences and natural sciences and other subjects, so the difficulty of vocabulary and vocabulary are relatively large. While the kinds of questions with the traditional multiple-choice reading test only is not this the same kinds of questions IELTS reading rich, have a choice fill in the blank, matching, as well, so that different kinds of questions will have different ways to do problems. Coupled with the IELTS reading test takes only an hour, the article has three, so from the time point of view, we should not only read the article, but also be able to finish reading the title is very tight, a lot of candidates who are after the test complained about not enough time. So the article is difficult, kinds of questions and more are candidates to break through tight IELTS reading test three stumbling block. How to overcome these three barriers, the key is to see how to arrange the reading order of articles and topics.

After a long-standing experts in research and teaching practice, summed up the three candidates for the different levels of reading programs, hoping to give IELTS students are preparing a little inspiration and help.

First, at a glance the mountains method

The crowd: English (Forum) vocabulary, large, I usually read articles or browse the English website in English, grammar, grounded, short-term memory strong, their English skills are very confident of the candidate.

How-to: get to read papers and view the post title, then select an article title started. Selected after the article title to read all that the 13-14 item questionnaire to every subject and keywords marked out short-term memory. (Note: words and test sites for include targeting, positioning words mostly noun-based, test center is more of a main verb and adjective adverb) a number of positioning and strong memory of key terms. After reading the title to see the article, starting from scratch, according to the article and paragraph in order to understand, watched and recalled the memory location before the word, see on the pen to make a mark. Note that the process is to see to understand the main article, not too much to think about the content of the topic, mainly to read the article. After reading the topic again to see, to do according to the contents of the article title. Can not remember if the contents of the article to read the article before you can use the positioning of words to draw back when the original look and then determine the answer.

Advantages: save time, do speed question

Defects: Challenges Candidates English language ability and memory, do not apply to most of the candidates, determined to read the main test for some candidates more than 8 points.

Second, all broken law

The crowd: not very good foundation in English vocabulary, lack of, the article I do not understand the basic terms of its candidates.

How-to: get to read papers and view the post title, then select an article title started. But the choice of when to pay attention to the theme of familiarity, can pick their own still relatively familiar with the subject matter do first. Selected after the beginning of moderation. Moderation is in accordance with the kinds of questions view. Preferred is a fill-in and judge the issues, followed by selection and matching problems. For example, the article said that after the kinds of questions with multiple choice questions to determine the title + + fill in the blank, then this part of the first trial of off topic question, a question of a question to do, to do according to the theme of questions to determine ways of doing and can see the article by sequential answers. Determine the issues before I made a fill-in finished, the use of fill in the blank in the title or first sentence term to do location, then fill in the blank to do the fill-finish approach to problems. Finally, do multiple-choice, because choice for the understanding of the article require a relatively high degree of very good candidates, for it would be more difficult.

Advantages: can try to ensure the accuracy of fill in the blank in the title is guaranteed to score points. Not good candidates for the foundation is a not only to ensure the accuracy of the method to save time but also the relative

Defects: time to spend more, but will repeatedly read the article.

Third, law digest

The crowd: a certain amount of English vocabulary, and participated in training courses, mastered the basic grammar knowledge.

How-to: get to read papers and articles and view the post title after the kinds of questions, choose the topics they are most familiar with or have what they do best kinds of questions the article. Then look at Questions to determine the sequence of interest under the kinds of questions is asked to fill in the blank to determine, after the pair selection. But this has not absolute, but alternately, that is, fill in the blanks in the key judgments before doing will determine the positioning of selected words and key words to draw and memory, and then fill in the blanks in the judgments made in passing to see if there does not appear that the positioning of multiple choice questions and matching words appear. Slightly better if the level of the students can watch a article and this article relates to the subject of various kinds of questions have been completed, section by section solve the problem. However, when using this method take the time to pay attention.

Advantages: You can arrange a time to do a relatively reasonable question, but also easy to do the kinds of questions to ensure that the correct rate.

Defects: the need for candidates to be adaptable to different kinds of questions with a reasonable allocation of time may result in moderation or the content of the article to see the confusion.