To correct common errors increase grammar IELTS writing performance

Writing improvement is gradual, in which grammatical accuracy is also essential to obtain high marks an important factor. In fact, many students learned grammar inIELTSWriting which has been far enough, but when it comes their own writing, which emerged with the specific situation and “seems to have mastered” the grammar are not poles. This relates to our way of thinking when the idea of the problem. Next, Australia’s international students will be writing teacher Nina common grammatical errors in the detailed analysis, I hope you find from their own problems, which effectively increasesEnglish(Forum)Expression.

With the wrong verb Bin

Bin verb (or part thereof morpheme) is the candidate with the improper practice of writing is typical errors occur. We give a small example composition of the common expression: When the subject is the percentage / proportion of …, the predicate usually is; and when the number of … to do with the subject, the predicate is applied, said, “take, possession “The words take up, make up, cover and so on. Some of the time in learning this candidate is clear, but the actual writing when they need to tend to forget the specific requirements.

Listen One: In the modern society has a lot of influence on the way people manipulate telecommunication equipments. Question: “In the modern society” is the adverbial elements, not as a subject, if you want to retain the adverbial component, you must be in the society and has the Add a subject can only be between.

Listen II: The cell phones in the modern society have used the latest functions to promote the communication efficiency. Question: phone is not able to use the latest technology to improve communication efficiency, the main guest of the match that is not appropriate.

Long sentence, tense errors

Candidates who are studying the Cambridge 4-7 that will find the back of Pham Van, Pham Van examiner inside the long sentences, while small, but if you can express yourself with a complex structure of meaning, the ability of writing is clearly on one level . However, in their own process of creating complex sentences, and sometimes joined into larger proportion of students tend to forget the match between the primary relationship that bin, so the syntax of sentence structure will lead to errors.

Listen: The government measures, which has negative influence on corporate employees, also poses as a threat to the benefit of the employers. This seems a long sentence structure is correct, but difficult to find the singular and plural subject and predicate mismatches, it is suggested the majority of candidates took the time to write the sentence grammar points to note to think clearly, but also save yourself the trouble of examination.

Note the difference between prepositions

Preposition in the noun is a good time to modify the content of one of the methods, but must pay attention: Do not free to use prepositions, otherwise it may cause ambiguity. In fact, IELTS writing, we only need to pay attention to some commonly used prepositions: in, on, with, at, by, about, and so you can manage to express their own meaning, but which all of you to understand your specific differences.

Finally, I wish everyone in the continuous exercise to improve their writing skills, and achieved excellent IELTS!