Topic of elimination

Student writing is often asked to predict the problem, or is asked if I did not predict, or forecast to ask who the more accurate point is.

1 predicted risk, the operation need to be cautious! Nobody could have predicted the success, how can something so good. If then the standards, who IELTS writing to learn, have a look at his / her prediction would have had.

2 forecasts are just forecasts abstract topic. That is educational, science and technology class, culture, class, media type, etc., do not know if the writing method, even in, or not write, zero!

3 prediction of the ideal state is similar to the subject. With the increase of IELTS writing exam, questions have been difficult to predict the Central Plains, and those known hit, are predicted in the general topic categories, the ideal point, is to predict the subject and the subject closer or similar examinations.

4 predictions can do it by yourself! Prediction method is the easiest topic of elimination! That is the subject of recent examination of writing excluded, then the remaining it! So different teachers have different subject categories, this should be vary the teacher. I compiled the essence is to teach writing topic is divided into nine categories. So long as students have their own one-month test exam topics excluded, the remaining is likely to be a reference to the topic.

The next step is to see their own luck. If you are lucky, the essence of my teaching in the subject and the exam questions more similar, which means that the relevant vocabulary and content can be used for (this is Part I teach the essence of mind).Bad luck, it may test a new topic title, more biased, can only rely on himself (as long as the essence of the teaching content to digest, this probability is not large, but cannot say no).

Therefore, the IELTS Writing forecast is so simple, no special Xuanhu tricky. The key is their attitude is better.