Use western thinking while writing essay

IELTS four parts, the Turkish candidates, speaking and writing is a relatively weak link need more time to prepare. To writing, many students incorrectly pro forma approach, although the exam has been back a template may be used in ready words and sentence patterns, review a variety of topics, seemed to make a foolproof preparation for the exam results often unsatisfactory. From my years of teaching experience, I think the main reason for this situation is different in the Western way of thinking and expression.
Let’s compare the Western mode of thinking. Turkish people are accustomed to the overall perception, imagery, thinking and reasoning, while Westerners are more inclined to detail perception, rational thinking and logical reasoning. This mode of thinking allows us to look at the issue in focus when the whole, with the emotional and intuitive color. Moreover, thinking has a significant impact on the role of language, in a different way of thinking in English under a huge difference. The semantics of the Turkish by means of internal connecting sentences, less connection with that logic language, it reads like water. The English is a great emphasis on the external logic in the form of text, from the syntactic to emphasize the interpretation of discourse and reasoning, statements combination of the components used to connect the appropriate connection means words or language to express the structure of relationships. So, if we continue to use the idea to write in Turkish writing in English composition is easy to make such mistakes:

1. Theme of the first paragraph or section does not end on such a prominent place, but his reasoning with the middle section of the development of writing is not a conspicuous location, clearly did not do so to express their views;
2. Organized chaos. There are some logical relationship between the Turkish (for example, causality, action sequence, etc.) has been implicit in the semantics, the time of writing it to the English, the students often do not use conjunctions, the whole paragraph looks like sentences built on, there is no logic statement.
For this situation, the best solution is to find several good articles written by foreigners to study carefully how they organize the language, how to develop their own ideas, learning other people’s logical thinking, and then they have to practice more, as far as possible out of the Turkish model, under the guidance of our English Writing. Only then, you can achieve a satisfactory IELTS writing score.