Writing instructional design

First, the context into

1) play “a grateful heart.”

Teacher: Students, have you heard of this song is the teacher’s favorite song. Listen to it because every time, always struck me share of soul moved, touched for life, behind this song has a tragic, and touched countless people’s family story. Today let us listen carefully to the story, share affection it hard to sentiment.

2) to teach reading life story. (Courseware production)

3) the students said feelings.

Teacher: Yes, ah, a love so selfless and great for young parents in this life and death decisions instantly, with both hands the students wish to leave their love child. Students matter, in fact, we were it not surrounded by a deep sense of family again! From the day we were born, delicate maternal love, generous father accompanied us through the growth in the wind with rain every day, the parents gave us too much, maybe we can not be poor all his life In return, some of our only a grateful heart, gratitude to their parents.

4) to produce the subject: “Thanksgiving parents.”

Second, look at family video.

Teacher: Do you remember the parent’s birthday? Your parents you had a birthday? The simple life in the parents control our food, clothing, shelter, and you can still recall those parents pay for your hard work it? Here the teacher to bring a family video, so we hard to feel parents normally do every thing for your little things of life, because this is love.

1) see the family video (teachers with narration)

Teacher: Students, parents gave us life, gave us a warm home, the first step towards the life of the Church of parents, the first thing you learn is the parent church, you encounter setbacks, difficulties, is a parent’s pair of big hands as you hold up a blue sky, perhaps some students will say that their parents did everything right and proper, we profligate with their parents love, even tired voice their concerns, and even blame the parents poor, ugly parents can say to you know how parents love you? The teacher before class received some letters from parents, wrote to you saying they want the truth, where we carefully listen to your parents the truth declare it!

Third, read a letter from the parents.

Teacher: listening to parents, passionate words, you feel your parents love deep and heavy it? You love your parents? Let us palm on his chest, shouted loudly, “Mom and Dad I love you” right.

Fourth, that the truth story.

Teacher: maternal water, father as a mountain, the students ask you to open the door of memory, hard to experience life’s little parents give you love, you remember most, the most moving scene, said to share with you now!

1) please close your eyes and heart to experience, like a good show of hands that can be said.

2) that the truth story. (Teacher: that is when things that make specific, express the true feelings) writing on the blackboard: that truth matters.

3) the students report.

4) a collective appraisal of the situation said.

Fourth, the photo-compliance.

Division: the truth of the matter, we say it, the parents sincere love, we feel, then ask someone to pick up his pen and wrote this love story, the characters can be the language for describing the air.

1) the students write pieces: the truth matter

2) the collective appraisal writing piece, you think she write you? Good? Blackboard camera: photo-compliance, to express true feelings

V. Pham Van leads the way to guide writing. (Written guide)

Teacher: parental love into bits and pieces in which we live, to your heart to experience, intentions to Thanksgiving, the love of parents everywhere. He also has a children’s gratitude to his heart in words written down, I go and see.

1) to produce fragments, teachers read.

2)do you think he is how to express their gratitude to their parents for? He wrote you? Good?

Teachers guide students to grasp the character from the language, movement, posture in which to experience to understand the great love of parents.

Teacher: This is a complete writing it? This is only when we are writing to the selection of material, which is written the most important aspect of composition, selection of only the selected, we can write the articles and vivid, written, specific, then how to choose the details of life, selfless performance maternal love, to express gratitude to it?

3) to produce material selection method. (Courseware production)

4) selecting the material does not is a complete composition, complete with attractive composition but also the beginning and end of the title, the next lesson, we continue to complete our writing, attention to writing.

5) to produce writing requirements.