Writing skills to explain to enhance

How to enhance writing skills

Most candidates have a misunderstanding, that is, IELTS Writing test is to see more of Pham Van on the line, do not take the time to write. So a lot of time spent in other parts of the IELTS test, but this consequence is that the examination can not grasp the rhythm of writing, mishandled time, the contents of the structure, they still need more practice in peacetime.

1, writing to extend the time to write how to expand their arguments

Composition point of view the necessary support arguments that can be obtained from the following sources:

① candidates own experience;

② happening around;

③ and other media channels, the information provided.

However, for these three types of information, style IELTS teacher suggested that candidates be able to in an article in the appropriate combination, rather than just using a certain type of argument for argument.

For the first and second argument, that candidate’s own experience and the things happening around us, is relatively easy to organize; third type of information, arguments, require candidates to pay attention to the usual accumulation of learning, not be achieved overnight The. Candidates should note that usually increases the opportunity to read and broaden their knowledge, such as multi-read books and newspapers, of course, English books and newspapers as the preferred, more about the events nowadays, the information collected is no doubt the arguments of writing is helpful. IELTS exam in more professional training courses, writing teachers would have targeted some of the arguments to and summarized for use by students.

2, the sentence can not be applied flexibly, not hard and how to write sentences

The flexible use of patterns, from the point of view to understand the score, that is an indicator of the final writing score GRA (Grammatical Range & Accuracy). This score is whether the content refers to the flexibility to use different patterns, in-depth understanding of the meaning of whether the integrated use of simple sentences, compound sentences and complex sentences.

In the article, these sentences appear occasionally, read the whole article will have ups and downs and a sense of rhythm. In addition, in order to write good sentences, must first go to contact and learn good sentences. Therefore, candidates should not be focusing instead on their sentences, but should see more of the language native speaker to write, to enrich their own language database, and be targeted learning and training to enhance their sentences to the effect of organizational capacity.

In addition to the points of the methods, in peacetime, candidates need to strengthen their attention the following points in order in writing has improved.

1, the amount of homework exercises. This exercise refers to the amount of intact enough to write an essay, whether large or small essay writing. IELTS essay topics (TASK 1 and TASK 2) can be summarized into many types of IELTS training course in the style of the teacher will sum up the students, questions have to do every type of popular enough to practice.

2, the need to find a teacher to change. When the candidates are doing writing exercises, the one too few (less than 10 the size of each composition), and second, did not find the article writing instructor to modify exercises, their biggest drawback is that a separate exercise, common mistakes, no matter how their own change, must be looking for insufficiency, as has been the formation of habits. While others will be able to see that your subconscious mind mistakes, even though they tell you only a capacity of students at a level to find teachers to improve writing scores change is good.