You must understand the United States to study 10 questions

In 2010, the United States Institute of International Education (IIE) Open Doors report published by the United States shows: the first time China has become America’s biggest source of overseas students. This report speculated that in 2011 the number of Chinese students studying in the United States is expected to exceed 150,000 people, and the countries with the highest proportion of student’s reelection.

United States: the world’s countries with the highest quality of education, there is no one

The United States has nearly 4,000 colleges and universities, and allocation of resources in teaching for the majority of students can provide the most broad and most unfathomable choice for any condition-level students are provided a wide range of admission. At the same time, advanced diploma in the United States is widely recognized and respected around the world. Therefore, the United States can be called the world’s countries with the highest quality of education.

Insider on the United States to study

Summarized in these study abroad students, parents are most concerned about several types of problems and expert Q & A, hoping to study in the way of your help and reference.

Question: If a child scored a decision is not ideal to study, in August 2011 went to the United States can do?

Answer: Yes; Some U.S. schools still fall admission, but space is limited; also can choose to study in the college entrance examination and thus avoid the risk of double insurance.


Question: Children present a computer professional, sophomore at the time, financial professionals can apply for it? How to apply for the top 50 computer professional expertise?

Answer: engineering backgrounds, it is recommended to apply the financial engineering. Top 50 professional universities in general is the hard conditions of the lowest average score of 80, TOEFL 80 or more, GRE1300 above, of course, the general terms of the United States concerned about students, specific analysis of specific cases.


Question: children with learning bio major, but students want to study media professionals can it?

Answer: can, and this year we have successfully applied to the students at New York University, University of California at Los Angeles and there is a scholarship application if you plan to inter-professional graduate students, proposals must be prepared in advance.

Question: applying for a U.S. top 50 undergraduate institutions, domestic students should have what conditions, the acceptance rate will be higher?

Answer: Students apply for schools following aspects need to know

1, familiar with U.S. EA, ED, RD of the application process, if the August 2012 admission to the United States, beginning January 2011 to submit their applications 8,9

2, TOEFL, SAT scores have to come to the fore, the best scores over 2000 points more competitive

3 also highlights the different background conditions, participated in the municipal, provincial, national competitions, artistic talent, athletic achievement, etc. have also been

4, personal statement, resume, essay should not be overlooked, this part of the preparation time at least 2 months, early planning is important


Question: In the junior children to read, but not GRE test to apply to the United States in autumn 2012 in time?

Answer: in time, now ready to choose the school and the instruments, the students go all out to increase domestic GPA and GRE test preparation in October

Question: freshman at the time, belonging to domestic and international educational projects, would also like to continue preparatory reading, but cannot apply for a good preparatory school to college?

Answer: The biggest advantage the United States AUP: Docking scores of schools in the United States, the domestic original materials freshman courses, foreign direct school sophomore, free SAT can apply for scholarships; and domestic universities matriculation docking countries, the curriculum is not relevant, In addition, the teacher is not teaching full-time. Also, remind the domestic 2 +2, 3 +2 carefully chosen projects, students must be enrolled in a foreign country more than 3 years, returned to academic qualification to be proved.